Integrative Approaches to the Immunotherapy
of Cancer and Infectious Diseases

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Abstract/Poster Information
Deadline: October 11, 2013
Sample Abstract.DOCX | Sample Abstract.PDF
Sample Poster Template.PPTX

Preparation Of Abstracts

  • All abstracts must be submitted using the PDF abstract submission form. ( CLICK HERE FOR FORM )
  • Abstracts should be prepared with the following information:
    Name and Contact Information
    (Institution Name, Address, Phone, Fax, Email)
    Abstract Title (35 Words)
    Abstract Author Information
    Body of Abstract (300 Words)
  • Important! This is the only means of submission.

Titles And Authors

  1. The title should be short and concise and indicate the content of the abstract (maximum 2 lines).
  2. Title should be in all capital and bolded letters.
  3. The font for the title should be Times Roman in 10 point.
  4. Important! type the title in the box (Title of Abstract) and on the abstract itself.
  5. The name of the presenting author should be underlined.
  6. The author(s) name should be typed in upper and lower case letters - first name and initials first followed by last name. Use commas to separate the author's names.
  7. Do not include titles or degrees.
  8. The author(s) department and organization should follow and begin with a superscript number to correspond to the author.
  9. The organization name should be followed by city, state and country (no street addresses or codes) where the work was performed.
  10. Group authors by organizations and enter a superscript number after each name to correspond their institution. (Not necessary to use a superscript if only one author).
  11. Type author(s) department. Institution, city state and country in Times Roman 10 italic.

Body Of Abstract
Sample Abstract.DOCX | Sample Abstract.PDF

  1. Important! Skip 2 lines before typing the text of the abstract. There should be no indention.
  2. The font should be Times Roman (including symbols) in 10 point.
  3. Special characters must be inserted into the document using the INSERT SYMBOL function.
  4. Ensure that your abstract is grammatically correct and free of typographical errors.
  5. Abstracts cannot be edited after submission.
  6. Use single spacing throughout the document.
  7. The text of the abstract should be a single paragraph with no sections.
  8. The text should not exceed 300 words.
  9. When using abbreviations spell out the name in full at the first mention and follow with the abbreviation in parenthesis. Do not use abbreviations in the title of the abstract.

Acceptance Of Papers
All abstracts must be prepared according to the guidelines provided. Incomplete or incorrect submissions will be returned to the author and must be re-submitted correctly by the deadline to be considered for presentation.
Remember to mention in the abstract application “That you are applying for a Travel Award”
Email the application to Shaundia White at .


Poster Session
Posters should be set up on Thursday November 14, 2013 by 9 am.

Posters will be available for browsing throughout the day on Thursday. 
The poster session will take place on Thursday, November 14, 2013 between 5:00 - 7:00 pm with refreshments. 

Presenters are requested to stand by their posters during this designated poster session time to answer questions and be evaluated by the Poster evaluating committee.

The poster session will be held in a designated area of VGTI Florida.

Posters should be removed by the end of the day on Thursday November 14.

  • Each participant will be required to utilize the poster template provided and then submit back to VGTI Florida for printing. [Template Link (attached to this email)]. VGTI Florida will print your poster on high gloss paper and have it available when you arrive at the Symposium.
        -   Email the completed poster to Shaundia White at .
  • Please note that the poster format must be 33 inches high (from top to bottom) and 44 inches wide (from side to side).
    Sample Poster Template.PPTX


This exciting program and updates will be posted on the conference website as they become available.