Bioinformatics Core


The Bioinformatics Core within the Collaborative Genomics Center (CGC) consists of a large collaborative bioinformatics team to analyze transcriptional signatures of immunity at the whole host level. The bioinformatics team has produced novel, standardized and semi-automated bioinformatics technologies designed to analyze and summarize genomic data from multiple platforms. 
  • Standard bioinformatics reports can be generated on small (12 arrays) to large projects (100’s of samples) in a matter of hours
  • Advanced bioinformatics reporting is available on an hourly basis that includes gene set enrichment, pathways, functional genomics, network inference, modeling, and publication ready output.
  • LIMS data management system-Nautilus from Thermo
  • Provides sample, project and data management
  • Mandate to integrate genomics and multi-platform data into a context-driven, easily queried database of innate and adaptive immunity made available to the scientific community and public
Contact Information:

VGTI Florida Collaborative Genomics Center
Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida
9801 SW Discovery Way
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34987
Phone: (772) 345-5673

Director Bioinformatics:
Santosh Mishra, Ph.D.
Phone: (772) 345-5713
Ali Filali-Mouhim - Ph.D.
Slim Fourati - Ph.D.
Amit Sabnis - Ph.D.
Aarthi Talla - MS
Courtney Steel - BS
Khader Ghneim - MS
Peter Wilkinson