Clinical Trial Program (CTP)


The availability of genomics and immune profiling tools is expected to hasten the implementation of new approaches for the clinical development of new treatments and vaccines in oncology and infectious diseases. It becomes possible to obtain unique insights into the individual response to vaccines and immune therapies, thus opening the road for a more personalized approach to disease therapies and prophylaxes. This may revolutionize healthcare delivery, with potential for important medical, social, and economic impact.


The mission of the CTP is to foster the development of effective new diagnostic, prognostic, and therapeutic approaches by merging patient-oriented clinical research with immune profiling research in order to broaden the understanding of individual variations in disease.

The CTP works closely with the VGTI Florida® Collaborative Genomic Center and other VGTI Florida research units to integrate newfound biomarkers and immune profiles into the clinical development strategy of immune-therapeutics and vaccines. This strategy is intended to accelerate the timeline for clinical evaluations, reduce the number of patients required in clinical trials, and mitigate the overall risk of failure in pivotal studies by genomically separating the responders from the non-responders.

For more information please contact;
Patrick D. Yeramian, MD, Ph.D.
Medical Director
(772) 345-5669

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