Genomics Core


The Genomics Core within the Collaborative Genomics Center (CGC) provides services that include whole genome microarray analysis using the Illumina iScan platform, sequencing based assays using the Illumina Hi-Seq 2000 for sequencing genomic DNA, mRNA, microRNA, or ChiP, and gene validation using the high throughput ABI OpenArray system.
Microarray Platform:
Illumina Whole Genome Expression BeadChips
  • SOP-driven complete assay includes sample banking, total RNA isolation, 1-cycle or 2-cycle (small sample) amplification, labeling, hybridization, scanning, QC, and standard bioinformatics report.
  • Ability to profile low number of cells,  tissues or small volumes of blood.
  • Semi-automated standard bioinformatics report includes raw data, QC, annotation, preprocessing, contrasts, unsupervised analysis, and differential gene analysis.

Please email , or call (772) 345-5673, to discuss your scientific project and needs and pricing.

Next Gen Sequencing Platform:
Illumina Hi-Seq 2000 Platform
  • DNA-seq, mRNA-seq (multiplexed), miRNA-seq, non-coding RNA seq
  • Novel techniques allow for small input sample material (50 ng allows for >90% coverage of sequence complexity) roughly equivalent to 5,000 cells
  • Digital gene expression
  • Novel transcript and isoform discovery

Sequencing Pricing:
Due to the highly flexible Hi-Seq 2000 platform and the ever-expanding options for next generation sequencing, a direct consultation with the Genomics Core and the Investigator is needed before final pricing estimates can be determined.
We want to work with you to determine the best approach and strategy for implementing next generation sequencing into your specific research program.
For Consultation and Pricing information, contact Mark Cameron:

  • SOP integrated Beckman Biomek FX-P platform improves workflow speed and quality control

High Throughput QPCR Validation Platform: 
ABI OpenArray system available for array-based, high throughput QPCR validation of microarray results (e.g. 100 genes in one run). Custom themed arrays designed in house are available (e.g. IFN signaling genes, Inflammasome).

Contact Information:

VGTI Florida Collaborative Genomics Center
Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida
9801 SW Discovery Way
Port Saint Lucie, FL  34987
Phone: (772) 345-5673
Mark Cameron, Ph.D.
Vaccine & Gene Therapy Institute of Florida
9801 SW Discovery Way
Port Saint Lucie, FL  34987
Phone: (772) 345-5673
Genomics Coordinator:
Li Pan - Ph.D.
Project Coordinator:
Stephanie Richards - MS


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