UBS Hosts “Cancer Treatments Today-Cancer Breakthroughs Tomorrow”

Guests of Craig Price and Dennis Melchior of UBS enjoyed a rare opportunity to hear Dr. John Hiscott, VGTI Florida® Principal Investigator and Dr. Abesada-Terk, Jr., Medical Research Director at Martin Health System’s  Robert and Carol Weissman Cancer Center, present recent developments in cancer research and treatments. The January 15TH event included a luncheon and reception  attended by VGTI FLORIDA LEADERSHIP, SCIENTISTS, AND STAFF INCLUDING Mel Rothberg, VGTI Florida Chief Operating Officer, FOLLOWED BY AN EXTENSIVE tour of the research laboratories.


Bill and Judy Buschmann, Craig Price
Dennis Melchior and William Gilcher
Brown and Catherine Ligamfelter, Audrey and Lon Kight
Catherine Vorwald with UBS guests in the lab at VGTI Florida
Craig Price welcoming UBS guests to VGTI Florida
Dennis Melchior and Emily Rae
Ellias Haddad, Ph.D., Bridget Baratta, John Hiscott, Ph.D
John Hiscott, Ph.D., Wendy Ryaner, Dr. Guillermo Abesada-Terk
John Hiscott, Ph.D.,VGTI Florida, Craig Price, Price Wealth Management, Dr. Abesada -Terk, Martin Health Systems
John Hiscott, VGTI Principal Investigator presenting at the UBS event at VGTI Florida
Lydie Trautman, Ph.D. and Nicholas Chomont, Ph.D
Marilyn and Ber Bittan and Catherine Vorwald
Mark Cameron, Ph.D.with UBS guests
Mel Rothberg and Craig Price
Mel Rothberg and Dr. Abesada-Terk, Jr.
Mel Rothberg, John Hiscott, Ph.D., Craig Price, Dr. Guillermo Abesada-Terk Jr.