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The mission of “Translating Research Into Health®” is achieved in part by the identification of invention outcomes from the research efforts, protection of Intellectual Property (IP), and licensing to best partners that will bring the VGTI Florida® inventions to the marketplace where they will be available for public use and benefit.

As VGTI Florida was formed as a spin-out of the VGTI department at the Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU) in Portland Oregon, any and all of VGTI Florida’s rights in Inventions are and have been directly assigned to OHSU.

Each VGTI Florida invention is reviewed and evaluated in collaboration between VGTI Florida and OHSU’s Technology Transfer and Business Development department not only for patentability but also for its possible contribution to the improvement of global health.

VGTI Florida inventions are available for licensing and for more information please contact:

Catherine E. Vorwald
Executive Director
Marketing and Business Development

(772) 345-5633