Postdoctoral Fellowship Program

The Principal Investigators and research staff at VGTI Florida® are strongly committed to educational and training programs that support and promote the research being conducted at the Institute and in furthering the field of human immunobiology  through our Postdoctoral Fellow Program. This program is designed to provide the training and experience that the Postdoctoral Fellows will need to develop independent research programs of their own someday either in industry or academia.

Postdoctoral Fellows are appointed for a limited time not to exceed five years. During this period, the Postdoctoral Fellow will be engaged in research programs supervised by a Principal Investigator who will serve as their mentor and sponsor. The Institute is committed to the career development of Postdoctoral Fellows and provides opportunities for continued education through advanced topic seminars and career development training programs. In addition, Postdoctoral Fellows are required to participate in a Works in Progress Seminar Program and special topics Journal clubs as well as a yearly research symposium.

Interested candidates should visit the career opportunities page.